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Collected Light
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The original watercolor “Collected Light” was painted in the spring of 2003 in the artist’s Ashton, Maryland studio. It was the day of the Celestial Equinox and the sun had risen to a more northerly position flooding the collector’s cabinet in the artist’s studio with warmth. Like a stage spotlight focused on the small white shell and its companion butterfly it draws the viewers eye to the perfect contrast of light and dark and soft and hard. It also marks the time of year the artist begins thinking of a journey down east to his summer studio in Maine.

“Collected Light” was printed as a Limited Edition Giclee (16” x 23” ) in June 2003 on fine French watercolor paper in an edition of ten.

GICLEÉ is a French word which literally means "to spray." This term in the art world of fine reproductions is sometimes alongside the words IRIS PRINT, where Iris is actually the name of the printer itself. It represents the most advanced form of fine art reproduction today. The process, as the word GICLEÉ implies, utilizes the spraying of high quality inks onto a variety of materials. This creates a near continuous tone of rich color that is at the same time durable. Canvas, fine drawing stock, even archival watercolor papers, rough and smooth alike can receive the appropriate pigments easily because there isn't the need for the traditional plates that must come into play with off-set lithography. Large-scale works can be created that invite side-by-side comparisons with the originals. The result is a dazzling product with color permanence that both artist and art collector can be proud of. Gicleé has been recognized around the world by Museums as being the pre-eminent process of fine art reproduction.